Saturday, March 7, 2009


Only when the Catholics acknowledge that the Orthodox are orthodox and the Orthodox acknowledge that the Catholics are catholic, will the Catholics be Orthodox and the Orthodox be Catholic.


bondc said...

I live in Pennsylvania, where we have many Carpatho-Russians, both Orthodox and Byzantine. I'm not sure if you know the story, but the RC bishops were trying to force the locals to abandon their liturgy, and the result was the birth of the only Orthodox church with no corresponding parent church in the Old World, the Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Church. While in the Old World, groups nurse grudges and hatreds hundreds of years old, it's interesting that the Orthodox and Byzantines here, who have a very recent grudge comparatively, get along well. Byzantines go to Orthodox seminaries for conferences. Byzantines have retreats at Antiochian Village. The hatred isn't there.

I suspect that if the schism is healed, it will happen here first, and will only happen here until the Old World stops looking backward to find things reasons to hate others.

Christian said...

Yes. That will get it done.

JMJ Ora Pro Nobis said...

If the orthodox believe the catholic to be catholic or the catholics believe the orthodox to be orthodox both renounce their claim to be the one holy catholic and apostolic church and this is alien to both their theological traditions.

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