Thursday, November 22, 2012


One human being can and has given adequate thanks (εχαριστέω)[1] to God – Jesus Christ alone. In thanksgiving for God’s creation, redemption, and deification of us, to him is “due all glory, honor, and worship”[2] from all us other humans. Yet we, of ourselves, are “unworthy servants,”[3] and so we pray for God, who alone can do so, to “make us worthy to partake… of [his] heavenly and awesome mysteries.”[4] Only when we have thus participated in the thanksgiving of Jesus and mysteriously become one with him, can we pray, “let us worthily thank the Lord”[5] and adequately thank him.

Damiane's fresco of the Mystical Supper in Ubisi monastery , Georgia - 14th century

[2] Prayers of the First Antiphon, the Entrance, the Thrice-Holy Hymn, and the First Prayer of the Faithful; see also 1 Tim 1:17
[3] Prayers of the Thrice-Holy Hymn, and the Cherubikon. 
[4] Preparation for Communion.
[5] Prayer of Thanksgiving. 


David said...

It's a shame that Black Friday is taking over Thanksgiving, I believe all the major Holidays have now been hijacked by materialsim.

Anonymous said...

Catholics can take back Thanksgiving by attending confession, receiving the body/blood of Jesus Christ,and allowing the mass on that Thurs morning to be our voice of Thanksgiving.However the average Catholic will not go to mass on thanksgiving day.They'd rather sleep in, stuff their face, and watch parades.Pope Leo warned us about the heresy of Americanism.

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