Monday, August 5, 2013

Would it be possible to have an ideal American Rite melding features of the Byzantine tradition and American culture?

Though skeptical of all things American, I do think it evangelically important to inculturate the Gospel, which should include, for example, the use of vernaculars. Inculturation is particularly and notoriously difficult in America, which lacks any one culture. America is a place of many coexisting – but only limitedly interacting – cultures. It is also a place of rampant individualism, which is utterly contrary to the Gospel. It would certainly be possible to meld features of Byzantine tradition and American culture – which has happened historically to a small degree – but there would be nothing “ideal” about an “American Rite.” 

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Anonymous said...

Personally,I think the Catholic Church should maintain the ancient traditions and stay true to the writings of St.Paul.If you recall Pope Leo authored "The Star Spangled Hersey-Americanism".The Catholic Church,the religion Jesus Christ left for us on Earth,is not compatible with "Liberty,Fraternity,Equality".Disagreement and debate are welcome.

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